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I'm Davina Shefet, I'm an artist and fashion designer and I truly hope you've been enjoying your time here exploring my world which aims to feel you up with inspiration, delight and beauty.


Now let's go a bit more in depth shall we ? My fashion brand evolves around high end ready-to-wear collections and couture pieces.

The couture pieces are unique and I consider them as an extent of my art work.

Textiles are embellished, embroidered, woven, knitted, hand crafted or hand painted in my studio in Paris. I am completely in love with these pieces in which I put an immense time with my team; They are what I imagine a dreamy woman in her dreamy bold world would wear.

The ready-to-wear collections are made of noble and natural textiles (mostly silk), prints are designed in house and production is done entirely in Paris. I have more of a designer's approach with this collection; Cuts and fabrics I decide on very carefully as I want them to be as flattering and comfortable as possible even though they look very delicate. I've been told many times that one has to try them on to really "get them", this is the reason why I created "Fashion Brunch" (see in contact and subscribe to the newsletter to know when the next one will be).

The Kimono is the iconic piece of the House, it was where my whole fashion project started and I conceived it to suit every body type and to be worn as an exceptional piece of outerwear. The kimonos in-hold a spirit of travel along with a certain "nonchalence" that I find incredibly charming and that comes with a particular way of living. A certain taste within some people that leave a feeling that there might be a secret to be uncovered...


Now, as for my paintings, illustrations, textile objects and what not; I've always painted, I find it very convenient to create a reality to my imagination and emotions. With a strong focus on colours, patterns, textures and treatment, I paint bold women (I think they're often imaginary self portraits though), strong poetic creatures inspired by my dreams where embellishment, opulence conveys a feeling of self control yet freedom and sophistication of the mind.


As a multi disciplinary artist, I started early on with theatre, music and painting.

I have endless love for performance, entertainment and beauty and I'm now drawn to video making and writing. I've been having a lot of fun with it and I'm working on many new projects within these areas. You will therefore discover the fashion movies I directed in "Fashion stories" and you can discover more about these new adventures on my blog.


 I guess it all comes down to a irrepressible need for feeling magic and wanting people to embark on it with me, the dreams, the boldness, the courage to care, to explore one self and to never really stop being a child.



With love,



Davina Shefet


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